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I'm a Cloud Software Developer at IBM in Austin, TX. I'm fascinated by Backend Systems, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and System Architecture. Currently I’m self-studying Golang (shoutout to gobyexample).

How did you decide to pursue a career in software engineering?

After changing majors a couple times in my undergrad years, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a suitable career path. Most careers that I considered seemed immensely static. For instance, becoming a dentist would entail solving minor permutations of the same small set of problems for several decades. Fortunately, during a Biostats course in undergrad, I discovered programming language R. The flexibility and power of using this programming language to model data was sublime in comparison to using a GUI tool. After this course I began noticing the layers of abstraction in interface-heavy programs and GUIs, as well as how they wrapped some systems-level language. After seeing the wide range of problems that could be solved using programming languages, I resolved to enroll in an MS Computer Science program. In the process of obtaining the graduate degree, I’ve met a myriad of technologists such as enthusiastic professors, opinionated Linux users, self-taught developers, and PhDs, that have made me appreciate both the programming community and my decision to pursue a career in software engineering.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of SWE?

I’ve recently taken up the hobby of rock climbing (bouldering). Austin Bouldering Project has a lot of sq footage with plenty of routes. I enjoy reading a variety of genres, and I generally update my Goodreads profile monthly. Occasionally I practice acoustic guitar. I'm also spending more time outdoors hiking, biking, jogging, and camping.


Dai, G. Paluri, P. Carmichael, T. Cheng, A. Miikkulainen, R. “Leveraging the Selfless Driving Model to Reduce Vehicular Network Congestion”, 40th International IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS). Hong Kong, China. December 2019.


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